Currently Reading 📚

Your books from Goodreads

Currently Reading serves two purposes: a pretty profile page for your current reading selection on Goodreads, and an API microservice that allows you to consume its API with a JSON response. As an example, here's my current reading list.

Here's a book example and its JSON call, to get you started.

API Documentation

Only a few API methods are available, but unlike the official Goodreads API, they all return JSON results instead of XML. There's no need to provide a key, since it's using my own, so please be sensible about the requests you're making 😘

Alternatively, you could get the package that connects with the API and modify/extend it as you'd like, by going through it.

Currently Reading Shelf

Returns a JSON response with the book details on a currently reading shelf.

Get specific shelf

Returns a JSON response with the books included in a shelf.

Get book detail by ID

Given a book ID, returns a JSON response with all the available information of a book.

Search books by author and title

Given an author or/and a book title, displays a JSON response with all the search results.

{title |String|}

{author |String|}